Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Free Video Calling in Mobile using Fring with WiFi or 3G Connection

Fring is a free mobile application that lets users communicate with friends on popular networks over their mobile phone's internet connection.

Fring users make free mobile calls, video calls, live chat & more, from their mobile phone with all their friends on fring & other internet services like Skype®, MSN Messenger®, GoogleTalk™, AIM®, ICQ® , Facebook® & Twitter, all through one central, integrated phone book. See the full feature list here.

Recently Fring added Video calling feature in it. (with fring and Skype video calls)
Fring comes with the facility to video chat with Skype users (using the Skype API) from your mobile. What makes this different, and utterly unique  is that the other user doesn’t have to be on their mobile – yep, you can video call from your mobile to someone on their desktop (and vice versa).

Requirements to use this Feature

  • Fring application - (which is Free)Download it from here
  • Skype Account -  (which is Free) http://www.skype.com/
  • Mobile Device with  Video calling camera -Even if You Dont have this camera still You can see the caller video if caller has this camera. Primary camera can not use for video calling.
  • 3G Or WiFi - Don't have 3G? you can still use this feature if WiFi available. A normal GPRS/EDGE connection is NOT enough to use this feature

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogger Free template Designed using Template Designer of blogger

 Check Out This New template for blogger in Template Designer

Awesome Inc. by Tina Chen

  1. Three Column
  2. Right Sidebar
  3. 3 Column in footer area
  4. Nav Bar using Pages of blogger

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blogger New Feature -The Blogger Template Designer

 Blogger in Draft added new feature  Template Designer . You can see this option in the Layout Section.
an important Feature is that we can adjust the blog width(Entire blog and side bar too.)
The other features are

  • 15 new, highly-customizable templates  split into four families: Simple, Picture Window, Awesome Inc, and Watermark

  • One-, two-, and three-column layouts for each template, with complete control over the size and arrangement of the columns

  • Hundreds of background images and patterns from iStockphoto, the leading microstock image marketplace

    Try it Now
    Go to http://draft.blogger.com/ to log in to Blogger in Draft. (If you’ve never been there before, Blogger in Draft is just like regular Blogger, except with new, in-development features like this one.) Click on your blog’s “Layout” link to go to the Layout tab. The link to the Template Designer is at the end of the row of sub-tabs.

    Another Very Useful feature in  Template Designer is that we can Adjust the width of the blog.
    Cool Right?

    You can use the live preview to see your new template without affecting your blog. When you find a new look that you’re happy with, just click the “Apply to Blog” button to publish it to the world. Note: You can backup your existing template ahead of time by going to Layout > Edit HTML.  recommend this if you have a customized blog design that you might want to go back to.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    Migration Procedure from Existing 2G prepaid plan to 3G BSNL Kerala

     UPDATE - Check this Link http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/3G/3GHomepage.htm

    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today launched 3G mobile services at Kochi (Cochin Kerala. With the 3G services BSNL can offer Video calls, High-speed Internet with speed Up to 3.6 Mbps, High quality multimedia services and live Mobile TV .

    Migration Procedure from Existing 2G prepaid plan to 3G general 120 through SMS

    Prepaid Customer to send the keyword M3G120 to 53733
    Customer will get a reply SMS as below. Your Request for 3G conversion received .
    Conversion back to 2G later will be only to Prepaid General plan.
    To confirm migration please send M3G120Y to 53733 BSNL MOBILE
    If agreeable customer has to send the confirmation SMS M3G120Y to 53733
    After provisioning the 3G service, Customer will be intimated through a reply SMS stating the successful migration to 3G.

    Postpaid Customer to send the keyword M3G25 to 53733
    Terms and conditions for 3G Migration procedure

    � Existing pre-paid plans General Pre-paid, All Lifetime Anant Plans (Old / New /SARAL /AYUSH /AYUSH+++), One India, Super One India, Women Power & Student Suvidha (Old &New) schemes are eligible for 3G services. Prepaid CUG, C-Top Up, Handset bundling schemes and GSM-PCO schemes are not eligible for Migration.

    � Migration from 2G to 3G is absolutely Free of Cost and the SMS to 53733 is toll free

    � No minimum balance is required for migration.

    � The existing unutilised account balance and existing validity only will be carried forward to the New Plan. The validity of the account carried forward will be restricted to maximum of 180 days.
    � Existing prepaid customers can migrate to General 120 plan only. Promotional 120 plan is not applicable to existing customers

    � At any time the customer can revert back to 2G by sending SMS M2G to 53733 (for 3G to 2G migration). Migration back to 2G at a later date will be possible only to General Prepaid scheme, along with the unutilised pre-paid account balance and existing Validity .

    � Reduced Call Charges (F&F) to any two BSNL Numbers is allowed in 3G. Customers under the plans Student Suvidha, Women Power in which they are presently eligible for 5 F&F numbers can avail only 2 F&F numbers after 3G migration. In this case their existing F & F numbers will be cancelled and they have to Re-register once again after migration.

    � All Boosters availed will be forfeited at the time of migration (both Voice & GPRS)

    For more Details and View Prepaid and Post Paid Tariff visit http://www.keralatelecom.com/MobInd/3GHom.asp

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    'Program damaged!' error smart movie Fix

    Has any one got this error before?
    Program damaged!  while playing video on smart movie player.
    When You get this error, simply reinstalling the player wont fix the error.
    The only way i know to fix this is to delete a file from system folder
    and reinstall the application again

    1. Download SExplorer  or any other file browser for mobile. Install It
    2. UnInstall Smart movie player From Mobile .
    3. Using SExplorer Go To "C:\System\data" of your phone
    4. Find "tra-cal.dx" file and delete it.
    5. Now Re install Smart movie player.
    6. Thats It. The problem is fixed.
    Even though i done this fix I got the same error after playing 2-3 movies.
    Then i done this fix again.